A hugely successful launch for the Missiska cheese shop!



A hugely successful launch for the Missiska cheese shop!

In beautifully sunny weather, the official opening of the Missiska cheese shop / boutique took place on June 1 in Bedford, in the form of a late-afternoon gathering. Close to 200 guests, journalists, partners, friends and family members visited the newly opened boutique, chatted with the team and met the happy owners, Caroline Pelletier and Paulin Bard. A wonderful way to kick off the adventure!

Those in attendance pointed out the high quality of the products, a reflection of Caroline and Paulin’s work. Their daring and their courage were what led to the opening of this boutique, which is bound to become a mandatory pit stop in the area, especially for visitors on the Brome-Missisquoi Wine Route.

The event was also the opportunity to present, for the very first time, the firm’s signature cheese: the Jersey royal. The soft cheese, aged for 10 days, won over everyone there with its flavors of butter and cream. The initial production sold right out by the weekend following the official opening. Note that until the fall, this cheese will be sold exclusively at the boutique.


Jersey Royal


Mouthfuls from the region with Missiska cheeses

Jersey royal was spotlighted in some of the nibbles from the region that were served. Choice partners were also on hand to enliven the event with their products and know-how:

Atkins et Frères smoked salmon and offerings from Charcuterie Scotstown rounded off the menu along with the other Missiska products that could be enjoyed onsite: melted Jersey royal with honey and port cheddar in curds grilled on croutons, fresh whole milk and yogurt with maple and local fruit.

Now that it’s officially open, come discover the boutique for yourself. Try our products and take a timeout on our terrace to munch on a sandwich. You’ll also find a selection of products from regional makers, all of them favorites of Caroline’s. The Missiska cheese shop / boutique is part of the “Friends of the Wine Route,” and will be a highpoint of your regional tour.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!